YAMAGATA draws on over 100 years’ experience in several specialized service areas. Our exceptional team includes printers, technical translators, designers, and content managers, who deliver solutions that are intuitive and easy for people to use. We work with clients to create innovative products and deliver services that exemplify the quality and expertise that Yamagata is known for.

Printing & Distribution

Commercial Printing

Yamagata Corporation offers a complete high-quality printing solution for all of your printing needs and provided at the most competitive rates unmatched anywhere else.

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Quality and Color Management

Our global facilities takes color management very seriously. Whether you are looking for G7 Master Qualified Printer, Japan Color, or the Fogra standard, we have it.

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Post-print and Finishing

Choosing the right printing service for your project can be a daunting task. Let our team of multilingual experts help assist you through the entirety of the printing process.

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Mailing and Distribution

Mailing can be complex due to different practices that exist throughout the world. Our team can help you navigate through the intricacies of mailing internationally.

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Our Print Fulfillment service can print, warehouse, and streamline the distribution of printed material to anywhere in the world; saving you time and money.

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Translation & Localization

Technical Translation

Our in-house team of technical writers has a depth of various industry experiences in translating technical documents across multiple languages and platforms.

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Commercial Translation

We have a team well-versed in business terminology and local business culture to ensure your message will be conveyed effectively overseas.

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Foreign Market Localization

A successful international localization is required to succeed overseas. Our team can work closely with you to adapt your services to meet the needs of your audience.

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Machine Translation

Our Machine Translation is a cost-effective solution for companies want to quickly translate high-volume content in a short period of time.

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Our team of professional voice actors and subtitling experts will ensure your company’s intended message will be delivered effectively to its intended audience.

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Content Creation

Manual Production

Creating a manual is an arduous process for any company. With our team of technical translators, we can provide a high-quality product quickly.

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Technical Illustration

Yamagata’s technical illustrators are highly-skilled specialists that can deliver easy- to- understand illustrations for organizations in various industries.

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Graphic Design

The success of any marketing campaign depends on both effective visual and verbal cues. Let us help your company introduce your unique brand to the world stage.

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Desktop Publishing

We can provide quick turnaround times and high-quality documents or content recreation in any language or format using the latest local and overseas industry trends.

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Information Design

Work closely with our nationally-certified Information Design team to clearly articulate your company’s message using physical or digital platforms to the target demographic.

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