What is it like to work at Yamagata Corp?

Commercial printing is in our DNA, but we are always looking to evolve along with our clients’ methods of communication. We have great customers and work on cool projects, and it is our people that make all this possible. Joining the Yamagata Team means:

  • Competitive salary
  • 100 Yen Beer after 7:00pm
  • Free tea and coffee
  • Health insurance
  • Pension
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Flextime
  • Two weeks paid vacation
  • Merit bonus
  • Work from home

Work from Home

Why lose productive working hours to a commute to and from work? We all have lives outside of our professions and need a proper work / life balance to be physically and mentally sound. Select positions within the Yamagata group allow you to work from a home office, provided you have a reliable internet connection and legal permission to work in Japan.

International Staff and Unique Working environment

Yamagata is over 110 years old. In order to make it another 100 years, we hire people who show great promise; and that means acquiring talents from all around the world. As our products and services are seen and used by millions of people, we employ translators, designers, engineers, sales representatives, marketers, and project managers from over 25 countries.

Yamagata Corp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Yamagata welcomes all applicants, regardless of race, creed, ethnicity, gender identity, economic status, disability, national origin, marital status, or parental status.  If you can legally work in Japan and are passionate about your career, we want to talk with you.

Current Openings

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
英文テクニカルライター(正社員) 品川本社・横浜事業所 July 16, 2019
翻訳コーディネーター 兼 多言語制作(正社員) 大阪事業所 July 16, 2019
構造化テクニカルライター(正社員) 横浜事業所 July 16, 2019
営業(正社員) 横浜事業所 July 16, 2019
和文/英文テクニカルライター(正社員) 和光事業所 July 16, 2019
和文テクニカルライター(正社員) 品川本社・横浜事業所 July 16, 2019
取扱説明書、拡販物、デジタルコンテンツ等の制作ディレクター(正社員) 名古屋事業所 July 16, 2019
XML/XHTMLスタイルシート設計(正社員) 横浜事業所 July 16, 2019
ディレクター/デザイナー(正社員) 品川本社 July 16, 2019
グラフィックデザイナー(正社員) 品川本社 July 16, 2019
Outside Sales Representative Tokyo Sales & Marketing January 20, 2017
Translator: Japanese – English Tokyo Commercial Translation January 12, 2017
Graphics Designer Tokyo Creatives January 12, 2017