Commercial Printing

‘We Japanese” printed by Yamagata Printing back in 1935, illustrated Japanese customs and manners, and was printed in English.

Yamagata Corporation’s origins are in commercial printing. Founded in 1906, it was the only Japanese printing company at the time to specialize in foreign language typesetting. Over the decades we have grown, and now help companies print and distribute their materials not only in Japan but also around the world.

Many of our clients rely on our expertise to manage printing processes for highly-specialized projects, such as the creation and distribution of technical manuals or pharmaceutical packaging. Our capabilities include all methods modern of commercial printing, such as digital, offset, and large format.

Our specialists are involved in all steps of the creation process, from creating a concept to translation to the production of the end product. For this reason, many companies with printing needs outside their countries of origin rely on us to manage projects on their behalf.

Yamagata Corporation is dedicated to being environmentally conscious.

Digital Printing

Even the most experienced pressman has a hard time telling the difference between offset and digital printing.  Advancements in digital are opening new possibilities for marketers, offering a wide variety of substrates and PMS color matching. Our digital fleet consists of HP Indigo’s, Kodak NexPress, Konica Minolta, Canon, and Xerox.

We have a range of solutions available to meet needs such as critical color matching, a quick turnaround time,  or printing in large formats.

  • On Demand / Just in Time
  • Full Variable Printing
  • Personalization & Addressing
  • Large Format