Globally Accessible Content

Yamagata prides itself in its ability to provide an accurate translation of commercial documentation across a range of subject matter and industries. Since beginning our translation services 30 years ago, we have helped numerous companies communicate with customers, partners, and stakeholders outside their home markets.

The accuracy of a translation directly affects a company’s credibility. We adhere to a set of methods and principles which have over the years continuously produced quality and commercial viability in written content:

  • all projects involve human translators
  • translators are knowledgeable of the culture of the target audience
  • material is proofread by a second translator
  • attention is given to the tone and copywriting style of original material

Our capabilities range from the documentation for foreign branch offices to direct marketing materials:

business man signing

  • promotional materials
  • point-of-sale materials
  • freight and customs documentation
  • packaging
  • instructionals
  • legal and financial documentation

Commerce has no boundaries...

Say it in their language. Don’t let poor-quality translations limit your overseas sales distribution.

Our Expertise

The tone and voice of written material changes from business to business. As such, translators should be familiar with their target audiences. Our industry experience includes but is not limited to the following:

  • consumer goods
  • retail
  • conferences and trade shows
  • tourism
  • human resources and corporate training