E-learning modules are more efficient when presented in the end user’s native language. We translate written and spoken content into 65 languages, keyed to the culture and local customs of your target audience. We specialize in e-learning localization for global workforces.

In addition to translation services, we will provide you a finished product formatted identically to the e-learning module in the source language.

  • Translation of written and spoken content
  • Adaptation of the content to reflect cultural nuances and local customs
  • Selection of voices and recording of voice-overs in the target language
  • Synchronisation of recordings with texts and animation


Instead of having videos recorded over in the target language, we can also provide spoken text with subtitles. Thanks to the srt files we deliver, you will be able to perfectly synchronise the subtitles to the images.

Subtitling and Dubbing

Unlike static mediums such as brochures or websites, translated videos must portray content at a constant, predetermined pace and in a way which is consistent with visuals. Depending on the target location and medium of broadcast, formatting and region might have to be taken into consideration. Yamagata offers a complete solution for video translation in any language, format, or location:

  • Web closed captioning (QuickTime/QTtext, WMV, RealPlayer/RealText, Flash, Google Videos, SAMI, SMIL)
  • Broadcast and physical media subtitling (MPEG, QuickTime, DVD, Blu-Ray, XDCAM, MOV)
  • Dubbing and voice characterization
  • Post-production transcription
  • Region formatting (NTSC, PAL, SECAM)