Information Design

We create user interfaces and visuals for electronic equipment, applications, machinery, and web tools. Our design process addresses all aspects of planning, development, and implementation, guaranteeing that the end product is intuitive for the consumer.

Some past projects have included:

  • Smartphone interfaces
  • Data visualization for automobile components
  • Web graphic user interface
  • Digital signage
  • Information architecture





Yamagata can help transform your information

Human-centric Design

Conveying the right message to the appropriate audience not only requires the right wording but also a captivating design that evokes empathy. Yamagata’s designers are all certified by the Human Centered Design Organization (HCD-Net) and are well-equipped to deliver.

We understand the importance of creating a design that is in accordance with a product, market, and plan. Our team will work closely with you to develop an effective strategy to meet your expectations.

The following are some services we have provided to clients:

  • Ethnographic studies
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Heuristic assessment
  • Work model analysis