Large Volume Translation

Machine translation is available for handling large-volume translations under tight deadlines. The process is overseen by a professional translator, who conducts manual checks and makes adjustments, ensuring that the end product meets top quality standards.

Yamagata offers solutions tailored to your needs. We do not rely on generic terminology, phrases, and language that may be found publicly on the internet or in your competitors’ documentation.

QA Distiller

QA Distiller is an analysis tool which enables our staff to create an objective overview of translations. It gives a picture of the overall translation, pointing out items of concern, such as missing text, bad characters, or form-related errors. It is also trained in the correct use of punctuation in over 70 languages. Free trials are offered to users interested in the service.


SnellSpell allows translators to identify and correct embarrassing spelling mistakes. While integrated spell checkers typically process text line-by-line, this application allows multiple files to be checked in a single batch. It supports TTX and SDL XLIFF files, compiles automatic reports, and can import dictionaries, making spell checking a simple and efficient process.

The Missing Piece

By partnering with Yamagata Corporation, we can help you identify the missing piece in your translation and localization efforts.