Consistent Quality, Accurate Colors

Quality Management

Quality management is a set of strict guidelines which allow us to to meet our customers’ expectations and ensure that all of our facilities adhere to best practices within the printing industry. Yamagata has received certification for ISO quality standards, which are enforced across all facilities in the group.

Color Management

Due to the availability of substrates and ink / toner types in various locations, achieving accurate colors can be challenging. We utilize GMG Color management to standardize operating procedures across all nine countries in which we operate. Whether you need an RGB workflow or want us to utilize G7, or Fogra, we have a system of checks and balances to ensure that your product is accurately reproduced across all locations.

Maintaining your brand's identity and color specifications.

Are you looking for a reliable vendor to produce and deliver multiple products like catalogs, window clings, and point of sale items across multiple stores?